Quakers Hill Uniting Church
Part of the  Uniting Church in Australia
We are mixture of Quakers Hill people of all ages, racial and cultural backgrounds and interests
who are seeking to live together in loving communities  following the teachings of Jesus and with faith in God.
Community Congregation

Just getting through life involves having to figure a lot of things out, we are people who have decided that many of society's messages are hollow and illusionary.
Jesus (of Nazareth, circa 30AD) had a good track record of figuring things out, and a whole lot more....,
so we look for clues from him in our own efforts to 'figure things out'.
In response to what we discover, Quakers Hill Uniting Church Community Congregation gather together for worship, discussion and acts of service and do some of that 'figuring out' in relation to our families, work and community.

Filipino Congregation

Quakers Hill Uniting Church Filipino Congregation seeks to be a true Community of Faith, where Filipinos are welcome to praise, worship and serve God as they try to understand His Divine purpose and design, and encourage expression of this understanding through a life that is prayerful and spiritually fruitful.

Noah's Ark Preschool

Noahs Ark Preschool provides a quality Christian, community-based, early childhood service, the primary goal of which is to meet the developmental needs of each child.

Quakers Hill Family Centre

Quakers Hill Family Centre provides the local community a family & youth support service, a partnership between Wesley Mission
and  Quakers Hill Uniting Church, .

Where you can find us? 

John Martin last updated 24 March, 2016